Web Solution Lab believes in helping all customers as far as possible and has consequently prepared some terms and conditions to avoid any kind of problems in the future.

Web Solution Lab update request services:

The number of updates and modifications carried out by Web Solution Lab team on behalf of the customers is limited by our Fair Usage Policy. The intent our Fair Usage Policy is to provide the optimum and best service experience to all customers. Under this policy we have defined fair usage levels for the number of updates and modifications allowed. Our Fair usage Policy is such that most of the customers will not be affected by it

Privacy policy:

The Customer must agree to give right, accurate and complete information. Customer shall maintain a valid email address all times. Customer shall also be responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of their account and password and shall be responsible for transactions on their own. Any information supplied by customer upon opting for the service or any other information about Customer or Customer’s business is subject to Web Solution Lab’s Privacy Policy. Web Solution Lab will send Customer email messages or newsletters to inform Customer of new products, promotions and helpful tips for our company’s services. Web Solution Lab can use email to inform customer about important policy changes or subscription renewal notices